Objective and Solution

The COMPO-BALL project objective
COMPO-BALL is a 3-year research project funded by the European Commission that is developing a new system for monitoring the temperature and moisture during composting processes. Bringing together 16 partners from 9 European countries, the project aims to bring affordable wireless composting-sensors – called “SensoBalls” to the European composting industry.

The COMPO-BALL solution
The present COMPO-BALL project will develop an on-line wireless system for the measurement of temperature and moisture at various points in the composting material that will be brought to market under the name “SensoBall“. The proposed solution consists of a set of independent sensor nodes. The nodes will not require any external connections to feed or read the sensors and will be encapsulated in an inert material.

SensoBall could also be used in other types of composting processes whereby the starting material is quite homogeneous, as is the case with sewage for example, as well as for any other biological process where monitoring is essential, such as grain fermentation. Furthermore, we envisage this novel system as a starting point to extend this organic composting monitoring technology to monitoring the composting of household recycled waste. This would allow for a higher economic return, and smaller composting plants could be considered. Smaller composting plants could be located closer to the urban nucleus, which would reduce transport costs.

The COMPO-BALL-project impact
An affordable, easy to use and robust system for monitoring the composting process would boost the competitiveness of the composting and farming industries. SensoBall will make it easier for composters and farmers to comply with stringent regulations and end-user requirements, as well as increase their profitability by producing compost which is more stable and of a consistently higher quality.